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Chicken Feeders – Efficient Tool

Feeding is a basic process that affects the growth of poultry. Chicken feeder is a universal device that allows you to organize the process of feeding. Equipment is installed in nurseries, in factories and household yards. Using chick feeders makes it possible to save feed consumption by reducing its loss.

A chicken feeder is a significant piece of poultry cultivating. It is one of the fundamentals you should deal with to guarantee solid growth of your chicken. Likewise similarly significant is your chicken feeding. This is just the case when a chicken feeder proves to be useful.

Of course feed can be poured into a ordinary plate. But chickens (especially broilers) are known for their gluttony. As they see food in the plate, a whole flock runs and surrounds the plate, birds push each other, some climb into the center of the plate. Also it often scatter feed on the ground. It leads to a feeding effectiveness reduce and transfer of feed.

Chicken Feeders Overview

An efficient chicken feeder eliminates nourishment squander, which saves you money, and guarantees your chickens always fed well. 

Chicken feeding
Сhicken feeding losses

Design Features

The following design characteristics must be taken into account before purchase:

  • Sustainability. Feeders and drinkers can be easily interfered by birds and the environment. That’s why it should be securely fixed in the ground or on a special basis.
  • Eco friendliness. Goods should be made from environmentally friendly plastic, glass or natural wooden base.
  • Versatility. Drinking bowls and feeders for chickens can be installed for feeding quails, turkeys, ducks and broilers as well.
  • Durability. Adaptations should serve you for a long time. Turning, scratching, or hitting shouldn’t damage the integrity of the structure.
  • Easy operation. The use of installations does not require special rules. It is enough to regularly update food and water.
  • Easy cleansing. Feeders and drinkers are usually simply cleaned. To do this, simply substitute them under a stream of water.

Types of Feeding Tanks


Chicken Feeder Tray

Such appliances equipped with bumpers that prevent the process of scattering the feed. These are optimal product shapes with rich functionality, that, actually, is the modern analogue of the old design view. The feeder itself is a tray made of thick-walled plastic with additional external lintels for stability and additional weight of the product.  Trough feeder is one of the best choices, using which guarantees efficient birds feeding and saving feed.

The top cover of the feeder (the second part of the design) simply clicks on this tray. By the way, this cover serves to separate the heads of poultry, preventing the colonization of insatiable birds and thus distributes food. As the bottom tray is completely sealed the feeding trough can also be used as a drinker. 


Chicken Feeder Gutter

Appliances with a variety of compartments to accommodate various types of feed (additional spinner or removable grid for restriction). The simplest version of the suspended poultry feeders are products made from a large plastic bottle with a handle on the side. 

Gutter suspended poultry feeder

The walls of the bottle should be sufficiently dense and keep the shape. At a height of about 2-3″ from the bottom of the bottle you need to make holes that allow birds to access the feed. The presence of a notch on the handle allows you to easily hang the container on the netting net.


Chicken Feeder Bunker Appliance

Such containers is used for feeding dry fodder to chickens. The acquisition of a bunker variety of trays may be the most optimal decision. Such feeding stations make it possible to fill up the required volume of grain or mixed feed for a whole day. Bunker devices are designed to be filled persistently. It remain dry and clean, as the design of the tank is completely closed. There are only special holes.

Bunker feeder for chickens is often called automatic. It provides automation of the entire feeding process. Grains are delivered to trays as they being gnawed.

How to Choose Best Feeder for Your Farm

The device must be arranged in a way birds cannot climb into it. Otherwise there will be chicken excrement and the food will be outside the tank. This condition is observed, due to the presence of protective sides, turntables and all sorts of feeders, so the shelter of the feed in the tank will be provided.

Feeding trough from any material should be easy to maintain, as it is necessary to fill up the feed several times a day in the tank. It requires periodic cleaning and washing. Do not use feeders from heavy materials. The container should not weigh much, as it will have to be washed frequently to avoid various infections.

Can Chicken Feeder

Depending on its position in the cage or chicken-house there are two types of feeders:

  • Mobile – floor products, can be easily cleaned and moved.
  • Fixed – mounted containers fastened with brackets or holding devices

The product must have parameters that are optimal for feed intake throughout the day. The length of the tray is selected at the rate of 4-6″ per chicken. When it is necessary to feed chickens from the tank, the rate is reduced by 2 times. If it is round, then 1″ should be enough for each individual. Approach to the feeder should be provided for every bird, including the smallest individuals.

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