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Quick Overview – 8 Best Ant Killers

  1. TERRO T300 – Editors Choice, best overall and most effective ant killer.
  2. Amdro Ants Kills Ants – Also good ant killer but harder to use.
  3. TERRO T1806 Outdoor – Best outdoor ant killer.
  4. Raid Ant Killer – Best Value. Effective for fast kill ants.
  5. Combat 10023400973061 – Best indoor and outdoor ant killing gel.
  6. Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait – Very well work to kill carpenter ants.
  7. Syngenta Advion A20380A – Most effective bait for fast killing fire ants.
  8. Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer 0220810 – Best ant killer spray.

Comparison of the Best Ant Killers

TERRO ant killerTERRO T300
Editors Choice, best overall ant killer.
Most effective and very easy to use ant killer.
Amdro Kills Ants LiquidAmdro Ants Kills AntsAlso good ants killer but harder to use.
6 pack bait
TERRO T1806 Outdoor Liquid Ant BaitsTERRO T1806 Outdoor
Best outdoor ant killer.
Most effective for large ant infestations.
6 count
Raid Ant and Roach Killer Raid Ant KillerEffective when needed to kill ants fast.$
Combat 10023400973061 Indoor and Outdoor Ant Killing GelCombat 10023400973061
Best ant killing gel.
Most effective ant killing gel.
27 Gram.
Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait Advance Granular Carpenter Ant BaitMost effective for control the ant population.$$$
Syngenta - A20380ASyngenta Advion A20380AVery effective for fast (24-72 hours) killing fire ants.$$$$
Ortho 0220810 Home Defense Insect KillerOrtho 0220810 Home Defense Insect KillerMost effective ant killer spray.
12 month protection

Ants Outdoors

Tiny creepy-crawlies make a big nuisance when starting visiting your living space. Usually this occurs in warm season when ants and other pests increase their families and need more food, which they may easily find in your kitchen or near trash cans in your yard or patio. It is easy to track the place where they have made their own home. These creatures produce a pheromone trail and move strictly in its border. So follow the insect trace and you will surely find an ant’s hill at the end of it. 

Subterranean insect hills usually count for more than 200,000 woodworker ants. It is better to attack these families at their home not allowing them to attack yours. 

There are multiple efficient ways of struggle these creatures from sprays, liquids to home cures such as the soapy water. This solution must be poured in the anthill.  

However, it is important to remember safety rules. Within the insect control process, please, avoid treated territory pollution.

Ants Indoors

By pest struggling, all the efforts should be applied to disrupting their nourishment. 

Keep all the surfaces in your kitchen free of dampness and foods remnants. Wash thoroughly all recyclable containers and food covers, which have to be thrown away in the trash can. Ensure storing raw products in the fridge. 

There some easy tips for disturbance of ants routine on their way to your home or yard. Spill vinegar or lemon water, or sprinkle cayenne pepper on the ways of the insects in their vicinity. Working together with a subterranean bugs’ executioner, it will increase its effect. Do not forget to install the snare in dry ground and check a connected item within 3-4 decades.   


Best Picks for Ant Killers 

1. Subterranean Insect Bait Stations

Subterranean insect Bait Stations

Subterranean bait stations for pests are efficient enough in the battle with the insects, which are difficult to reveal. The ants are hiding in the tiny slots, door jambs, under cupboards and in machines. Disguising creatures may be reached by liquid lures or bug sprays. Baits may be applied both outside and inside within subterranean insect control. 

The effect of the bait is based on the spreading the poison among the whole ant family. An insect devours a toxic draw, brings it to the anthill and feeds the ruler and the family. Thus, the insect living space will be wracked.   

The bug subterranean bait contains a bug spray and draw with food. It is very simple in use and packed with precautions to kids and pets safety.


2. Showers 


One more simple and quick tip for scavenging insects control is splashing.  Subterranean ants’ airborne splashes may be used in several cases. 

You may use this method for the bugs left after anthill wreck. If there are some individuals, which stayed alive after bait usage, it is convenient to apply shower. Usually it takes up to one month to check and control these creatures appearing. 

Due to immediate action of this method, it also may be applied for quick result, in case you have just found out the issue. 

Please be cautious with showers as they contain synthetic poisons. They may pollute grounds with plants or be dangerous for pets. Please keep away kids and animals from their vapors. 

3. Insect Gels 

Ant Killer - Gel

This method with insect gel is extremely convenient and effective. However, few producers offer a readymade product in the form of syringe with the substance inside it. 

You may attack both inside and outside subterranean insect’s tracks by applying gel around the region where they exist. This method is almost safe as does not imply toxic evaporations. Still try to keep the unit away from children, as the kids’ protection is not provided. 

4. Granular Ant Bait

Ant Killers - Granulas

Subterranean bug granular bait works as ants spray or liquid bait. After the snare is expended by a pest, an insect delivers the poison in its province and infects its neighbors. Thus, the family perishes within 24 hours. 

The active substance is usually safe and biodegradable (e.g. Advance with Abamectin). Besides, it is effective not for one type of insects. You may use it to eliminate both woodworker ants as well as Fire ants, Pharaoh ants, and Argentine ants.

There is a tip to cope with Carpenter ants. This type of pests is active on a warm summer night while they are hiding in the sunlight. Therefore, if your living area is going to be attacked with woodworker ants, you will define their whereabouts and sprinkle the granules snares on their tracks. 

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Ant Killer - Diatomaceous Earth

The principle of the next ant control method is in drying out or cutting up the exoskeleton of the pests. Diatomaceous earth looks like baby powder. It is white and dry.  

In case you stand con the toxic synthetic substances, you may use this insect executioner, as it is natural and made of marine phytoplankton remnants. No damage will be brought to your living beings, plants or pets. 

The powder adheres to insects’ legs or bodies and is distributed in their ways and anthills. Gradually it will kill the whole family. 

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