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Best Front Tine Tillers

Front tine tillers can be seen on the farms of many summer residents and garden owners. Which is not surprising – they are relatively inexpensive and very simple to use. But, thanks to them, you can easily cope with a large amount of work, spending a minimum of time and effort. For example, digging up an area of ​​4-5 acres with a shovel is a serious test. But with a cultivator, even a light and low-power one, such work will be done quickly and efficiently. But the choice of such equipment is quite large, which is why it is quite possible to get confused when buying. That is why we will compile a rating of the best cultivators for summer cottages, in which we list the most successful models of different cost and power, so that each reader chooses the option that suits him.

Quick Overview. 5 Best Front Tine Tillers at a Glance

Compare the best front tine tillers. We review the top gas and electric garden tillers to help you find the best tiller for the job. When compiling a rating of front tine tillers, both the opinions of experts and the reviews of ordinary users on forums and specialized sites were taken into account.

Earthquake 20015 VersaEarthquake 20015 Versa
Editor’s Choice
Warranty 5-Year Limited
Viper Engine
11", 16" or 21"
Troy-Bilt Ranger FT 140-ccTroy-Bilt Ranger FT
High quality front-tine
forward-rotating tiller
OHV Engine
Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SFTT142 Front Tine TillerSouthland Outdoor Power Equipment SFTT142
Powerful front-tine tiller.
2 year limited warranty.
5.75 ft. lbs.
gas OHV
engine powers through
the toughest
soil conditions
11", 16", 21"
Greenworks 27062AGreenworks Cordless Tiller 27062A
High quality and earth-friendly small front-tine tiller.
Battery System
8.25" to 10"
up to 5"
Troy-Bilt Colt 208ccTroy-Bilt Colt 208cc Forward Rotating
Most powerful front-tine tiller.
2 year limited warranty.
208cc Troy-Bilt OHV
4-cycle engine
with standard recoil start
13", 22", 24"

Best Front Tine Tillers Reviews

Earthquake 20015 Versa

Earthquake 20015 Versa
As a cultivator and tiller at the same time Earthquake 20015 Versa can mulch, weed and aerate the ground. A powerful engine will help to work with different kinds of soil. The tool is perfect for a wide space preparation. Due to its maneuverability you can easily control Earthquake 20015 Versa without extra efforts.

Troy-Bilt Ranger FT

Troy-Bilt Ranger FT 140-cc
With forward-rotating tines and powerful 140cc Troy-Bilt OHV engine, high-quality Troy-Bilt Ranger FT will help you to prepare good soil for further planting. With this tool it will be much easier to work between rows and large beds.

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SFTT142

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SFTT142 Front Tine Tiller
This garden tool will easily manage with all challenging works creating fine soil. The 6.5″ rear wheels and design provides the tool with great maneuverability. Swing tail with drag stake will help to change from the tiller to a transport regime.

Troy-Bilt Colt 208cc Forward Rotating

Troy-Bilt Colt 208cc
The tiller with a high-powered Troy-Bilt OHV 4-cycle engine will easily handle all the garden works. As a result you will get a well tilled and aerated soil. Thoughtful design allows to work at different angles and till the garden easily. Two years of guarantee.

Guide to Front Tine Tillers

Gardening, if successful, is often defined as an enjoyable activity. Everyone wants to pull up to their home and see a gorgeous yard, but turning and churning the soil with shovels in spring is not an easy task.
Rather than toiling incessantly with a shovel and spending energy with little success, we recommend using a front tine tiller to fulfill a laborious task in less time with minimum efforts.
Front line tiller is efficient equipment if you need to break up soft, loamy grounds, mix in compost, establish a garden, or a flower bed. They have several features that make them perfect for use in small and medium gardens.
If you have never owned this type of gardening machine previously, you may not be feeling confident about what features to look for. The following is intended to assist you in choosing the best tiller for your needs. Take a look, and take your pick!


The tines on rototillers are their crucial part. The adjustable tilling width of some better quality models allows for versatility. Most units provide for up to three settings of tilling width, which is ideal to navigate closely around the obstacles in tight spots and also in larger planting areas.
The front tine tillers usually have forward rotating tines (FRT) positioned in front of the wheels. With FRT the tines turn in the same direction as the wheels. The issue with the FRT is that they don’t dig too deeply into the soil, but they do an excellent job with soil aeration and weeding.
The most important features to look out for is the material the tines are made out and their sharpness. In order to properly complete a cumbersome task of breaking up compact soil, the tines must be sharp. If a price is not a concern, we would recommend considering a tiller with the self-sharpening tines to ensure continuous performance.


With engine capacities ranging from 165 to 205cc, these machines upturn tough dirt to prepare seed and flower beds. The front tine tillers are heavier and more powerful as compared to cultivators.
Front tine tillers work on reliable, easy-starting, and powerful four-cycle engines. This type of engine is very fuel-efficient, requires no mixing of gas and oil, and runs quieter than a 2-cycle engine.


The weight of a front tine tiller ranges between 30 and 150 pounds, You might think that it is an arduous task to maneuver the heavier models, but these machines are built with large wheels that help them to power through the loose soils and push along driveways. The wheels of front tine tillers can be equipped with pneumatic and semi-pneumatic tires, AG tires, and solid plastic tires.
Another noteworthy feature is that most models are equipped with folding handlebars to conveniently store them.

Front Tine Tiller Drag Bar

Your tiller will give better performance if adjusted to match the intended job and soil conditions. Better-quality models are designed with an adjustable drag bar in place to restrain the forward motion allowing the tiller to dig deeper.
You can set the drag bar depending on the depth you need. With the drag bar in place, your tiller can upturn hard ground at a consistent depth. In general, lower the depth bar to go in deeper depth, or when breaking up compact soil, and raise the bar if cultivating in softer conditions.

Why Choose a Front Tine Tiller?

Front tine tiller is a valuable tool to have if you wish to establish a flower bed or a garden for fresh fruit and vegetables. This type of tiller allows for closer tilling in tight corners. They are generally more affordable in comparison to a rear tine tiller of similar power and set of characteristics.
Front tine tiller delivers more power than a cultivator, it is lightweight and small if compared to a rear tine tiller. Most people enjoy using these gardening machines because of better maneuverability.

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