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Buying Your Best Portable Greenhouse. How To Select One

If you are thinking of starting your own garden and enjoy the process but have no enough space for that kind of activity? Here you might find a portable greenhouse kit very useful. There are many reasons to pick your own best portable greenhouse. The first is they actually do not require much space to be placed and are easy to handle and maintain. Another one is they do lessen your troubles with weather conditions, delete any disputes with neighbors over the stretched branches or pests, etc.

Why Choosing Portable Greenhouse Kit?

Choosing a portable one will be a good idea, and here are the pros:

  • Ultimately convenient for both experienced gardener and novice
  • Cost-effective investment to last for a number of years with great outcome
  • Do not require much room and can be efficient on a minimum space
  • Featured are different types, shapes and materials/colors to choose from

The first thing to consider when choosing your portable greenhouse is the needs of your plants. Then, you have to figure out the location and the space available for the greenhouse to be installed there, as well as keep in mind your preferences. Thus a lot of thought should be placed here, and with this, we prepared a concise write-up to assist you in all that. Read on to learn the best way to choose your best one.

Although you are to remember: portable greenhouse kits aren’t that cheap! Do not rush into a dirty cheap option since it may occur a low-quality badly manufactured model to spoil your garden. Chances are, you’ll feel absolutely happy about some expensive one, there is no need to stick to this type of greenhouses and sponsor greedy manufacturers’ ambitions. Try to find the best and balanced solution. Hope, our write-up will be a good source for your informed choice.

Depending on how well you maintain the greenhouse, this would serve for some 10-15 years, Of course, this will depend on the material it is made of!

What Is the Best Frame Material For Greenhouse

The material a frame of a greenhouse is made of is a serious matter to consider before making your decision. Popular options now and then are metal (aluminum), plastic, stainless steel or wood.
Keep in mind that it is the material that will determine the term of service for the greenhouse.
Some of the materials used by manufacturers vary in their visual attractiveness (wood is the champion here, which is arguably questioned by those who prefer more advanced durable options). Some require extra protection (protective coating): plastic, for example. And some are extremely heavy for a portable greenhouse to be easily maintained, like it is reported with steel. Yet stainless steel is incredibly sturdy and durable to withstand both impact and bad weathering.
The most popular balanced option for now is aluminum. It is tough and durable to withstand all kinds of weather well.

Useful Thoughts

  • In most cases a starter kit will do since it will never require more place than you can afford, and there will never occur a situation when you feel tight on space due to the oversized construction. Before buying a greenhouse, always plan about the location, its size, and consider all options to suit your comfortable way of living best. The reason for all this fussing around size is natural: it really matters when it comes to greenhouses. The more you plan beforehand (your plants already waiting for being placed inside or just some plants you’ll decide later on, placing your new greenhouse indoors or outside your home, etc), the better and smarter solution you find in the end. So, the first thing to consider is the size of a greenhouse. Universally, a starter portable greenhouse kit will work just fine in a variety of applications!
  • Once you decided upon its size, analyze some options with well-balanced features like the level of protection for your plants provided, and the appropriate ventilation to incubate your favorite plants inside. Plants do differ, you have to know yours to ensure their most comfortable and safe living inside your new greenhouse. At times, it is necessary to keep them out from any humidity, chances are you have to protect them from hot conditions, etc. Thus you need some type to make it possible to release hot air when it is hot outside or let it stay hot inside (when it is cold outside). Resulting solution is to check for the vents featured with a model to accomplish all the aforementioned efficiently. You need these to be opened or closed on your demand and in accordance with your tasks.
  • Another feature of a great greenhouse is its insulation type. Sure, this will depend greatly on the type of your climate. Sometimes you will have to add some extra insulation to achieve the required performance characteristics. Thus it may be thicker or thinner, depending just on where you reside, but we would recommend a polyethylene isolation, or a twin-wall, to make sure you are on the right way, and no harm to your plants will be done. Panels of your greenhouse, depending on the preferences, may vary from being half/no-elusive to transparent, look-through type. Essential Tip: Clear panels let more light in for better organic processes inside the greenhouse; they are ultimately efficient with tall plants seeking to grow towards the sunlight.
  • Much thought should be put in picking up a glass type of panels for the greenhouse. Their popularity has grown drastically for the decade due to their classy looks and being ultra resistant to any impact as well as temperature deviations. They look spectacular and protect well! Some customers prefer the advanced material for the panels. It goes about polycarbonate sheets. Nowadays, this became ultra popular as the material to be used in greenhouses: this one is an affordable cost-effective solution compared to that of the glass. This material is less strong than regular glass, yet clear enough and durable to last for years.
  • There is one more aspect to think of prior to any buy, the level of UV (ultra-violet) protection is a crucial feature here. Sunlight may come aggressive for the plants inside, better to have a UV protection (coating) to ensure safety for both panels and plants.
  • Consider purchasing some model with panels from fiberglass if slight yellowing in a couple of years would never disturb you.
  • If you are after some dirty chip option, the best variant for you will be a polyethylene option. Yet this may be the best overall variant for all those living in really warm climate.

Our Top 3 Best Portable Greenhouse Kits Guide

  1. Gardman Mini – Editor’s choice, best mini ultimately versatile option
  2. Gardman 7622 – Optimal solution with shelving at affordable price
  3. Ogrow Deluxe – Best overall, ideal heavy-duty model

Best 3 Portable Greenhouse Kits Reviews

Gardman Mini Kit Review

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

This one is a version that is absolutely great for smaller locations due to its small size. Manufacturer features here a so-called tower greenhouse to fit in your backyard or small home. What is great here, those having in mind to install it on a balcony will find this model extremely handy! No worries to those who enjoy huge premises, it will match the task well either. So, enjoy this option regardless of the size of your property! Featured here are the four shelves to make growing multiple plants at once within your greenhouse, the advantage here is that you can easily and comfortably position all the plants while making a shelter for each one individually!


  • easy to assemble
  • goes at a reasonable price
  • although comparatively large, fits in even a smaller property right
  • ideal for young plants and seedlings to be planted
  • featuring easy-accessible roll-ups with zipper
  • stainless steel on the tubular frame for durability and heavy duty
  • assembles in no time
  • portable and easy-to-use

Gardman 7622 with Shelving Kit Review

Gardman 7622 Walk-In Greenhouse with Shelving

Once you are looking for a greenhouse that is ultimately easy to be installed, this one will work just fine! To install this, you will literally have to spend no time and save your effort, while enjoying the final results. The frame here is a tubular system stainless steel frame for simple and quick deal; all the operations go like push & click action here! All necessary to erect the construction accessories and extra parts/materials are featured as an integral part of the package offered. Consult a user-friendly Manual to complete your fine new greenhouse installment with no issues. No special tooling is needed while erecting the portable greenhouse. A smart-design type zippered roll-up as a door will enable easy access to the greenery. It’s stable and sturdy, accessible and well-insulated for the cold; the tubular stainless steel frame provides for the best efficiency, while shelving system has its special grid on the bottom to last for long and make planting well-equipped and appropriately furnished. Storms and heavy winds are no issue at all for this construction!


  • Great greenhouse with perfect performing features at an affordable price
  • Ultra-stable and extra-durable due to the materials and construction type
  • Efficient tubular system of stainless steel shelving with bottom grid
  • Great performance and visual attractiveness
  • Comparatively large yet small enough to fit in the smaller locations
  • Featured here are shelves with two tiers for efficiency
  • Ultra-strong steel frame to be installed with no special tools
  • Featuring a polyethylene cover for heavy duty and transparency
  • Ideal as a walk-in option with easy and safe access
  • Ideal for seeds & seedlings/young plants as an early start promoter
  • Special roll-up and zipped doors for easy access

Ogrow Deluxe Kit Review

OGrow OG6868-D Deluxe Walk-in 6 Tier 12 Shelf Portable Greenhouse

Introducing here a stable and solid greenhouse construction for your best choice.
This unique stability has been ensured by manufacturer the way that a durable and heavy cover material was used while manufacturing this portable best overall greenhouse model. Featured here is also a patented anchoring system to keep your plants fairly safe inside, while the entire structure is ultimately secured by ropes and anchors to prevent any collapsing. The unique easy-to-assemble and easy-to-maintain features of this model are ensured by the system of easy connections. Connectors are mostly hook-and-loop type for your comfort and efficiency. Save your time and effort to assemble and maintain the greenhouse with no painstaking. This portable greenhouse is also extremely popular for it proved a durable and weather-resistant. Feel on the safe side with this even under the toughest weather conditions like storm or chilly winds.


  • Maximum stability and durability assured!
  • Modern strong materials used
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel frame & shelves construction
  • Featuring powder-coated shelves from stainless steel
  • Easy system of assemblage and easy-to-use connectors (hook & loop type)
  • Featured here is a clear and transparent cover from heavy-duty material
  • Unique anchoring system for storm etc. protection & safety
  • Ideal to be used as a shelter and greenery full-sun display

Final Words

The model row of portable greenhouses kits currently available on the market offers a great variety of efficient easy-to-install options for your perfect performance as a gardener. Regardless of the size of your property, there are perfect options to use and fit in over there. When it comes to a portable greenhouse kit to be chosen and picked, there is a list of specific features and characteristics to keep in mind while looking for a model that suits your task best. Of course, the main thing is how much you can afford here, another one is the type, the material, the climate you are living in, and finally you need the knowledge and the purpose of why you are after a portable greenhouse. So, consider your options, take care and make your informed choice!

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