Best Front Tine Tillers

Front tine tillers can be seen on the farms of many summer residents and garden owners. Which is not surprising – they are relatively inexpensive and very simple to use. But, thanks to them, you can easily cope with a large amount of work, spending a minimum of time and effort. For example, digging up […]

Best Rear Tine Tiller

When you wanted to dig a deep hole, you need something that has a lot of power. To do this sort of digging, you want a rear tine tiller. This tiller is a little bit more expensive when compared to a front line tiller. This is because it has additional features. You need to understand […]

Best Cordless Tiller Cultivator of 2020

Cordless tillers or electric garden tillers allow you to use till your gardens with freedom because they are easy to use, lightweight, quiet, and you don’t need an extension cord to run it. Even though they will not be as powerful as a gas-powered tiller, they are great for small things. Just be sure that […]

Best Gas Powered Cultivator

In this article we discuss the gas cultivator as a separate type – less powerful lightweight gas-powered cultivators and powerful rear tine garden tillers. Quick Overview – 11 Best Gas Powered Cultivators Craftsman C210 – Best gas powered cultivator for small garden . Earthquake MC43 – Best gas mini cultivator. Largest engine in 2 cycle […]

What is the Difference Between a Tiller and a Cultivator

Quite often you can note that the words cultivator and tiller are used interchangeably, but it’s important to understand that they refer to completely different devices which perform different tasks. Jump To: Difference between tiller and cultivator Garden Tillers Cultivators Quick Overview – 3 Best Garden Tillers Troy-Bilt Horse 306cc – Editor’s Choice, Best rear-tine […]

Electric vs Gas Tiller

Loosening (cultivation) of soil is a required procedure for the normal growth and development of plants. This process occurs by grinding the upper soil level. As a result, air and moisture penetrate better into the soil which contributes to the natural formation processes of the fertile layer. Sa a rule, these operations are performed using […]

What is a Garden Tiller / Cultivator

It is possible to facilitate the work in the garden using a cultivator. It is a small garden equipment able to do the same work as a tiller but on a small area (cultivator vs tiller). The main tasks for a cultivator include plowing and loosening of the ground as well as digging, slicing and […]

Best Tiller for a Woman

When it comes to garden tiller, there is no shortage of what is available on the market today to help us get our jobs done. It would be actually impossible to get certain plans completed with our human hands without the gardenning tools. Land plowing and loosening around the summer cottage and in the garden […]

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