Best Wheelbarrow

When talking about outdoor and garden works, we account for various hectic tasks like seedlings, mulch, rocks and other materials hauling and dumping.

A special wheelbarrow will be of great use for these works. It makes the process simple, quick and safe for the health as it reduces the load on the back during transportation.

The wheelbarrow is also indispensable by construction works: to remove waste soil, to bring sand or gravel, to mix a portion of concrete, to carry sacks of cement in it. Moreover, children may have fun riding the wheelbarrow. Little ones are always eager to participate in all kind of outdoor works. To sum it up, the wheelbarrow is of great help and nothing can replace it.

Quick Overview – 10 Best Wheelbarrows

  1. Marathon Dual – Value for Money, Best Basic Design
  2. WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow – Best Compatibility and Function
  3. The Ames Companies, Inc M6T22 Jackson Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow – Best Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow
  4. “Ames” CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow – Best Pouring Design
  5. Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow – Best Surface-Friendly Hauling
  6. True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow with Steel Handles – Best Durable Wheelbarrow
  7. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart – Best Capacity Wheelbarrow
  8. True Temper R6STSP25 Steel Wheelbarrow – Best for Tall Operator
  9. Giantex 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart – Best for Residential Use
  10. Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow – Best Maneuverability

Wheelbarrows Comparison Table

PreviewNameManufacturerLoad cap. /
Q-ty of
Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover WheelbarrowMarathon
300 lb.
(5 cu.ft.)
2PolyValue for Money,
Best Basic Design

WORX WG050 Aerocart
Positec/Worx300 lb.
(3 cu.ft.)
Best Compatibility
and Function
Inc M6T22 Jackson Steel Contractor WheelbarrowThe Ames Companies,
Inc M6T22 Jackson
Steel Contractor
Ames True
6 cu.ft.1Strong SteelBest Heavy-Duty
Ames CP6PS Poly WheelbarrowAmes CP6PS
6 cu.ft.1Poly TrayBest Pouring Design
Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-Duty WheelbarrowBig 4 WheelerCustom
Quest Inc.
300 lb.
(6 cu.ft.)
4PlasticBest Surface-Friendly
True Temper 6True Temper 6Ames True
6 cu.ft.1SteelBest Durable
Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub CartPolar Trailer
400 lb.
(7 cu.ft.)
2PolyethyleneBest Capacity
True Temper R6STSP25True Temper
R6STSP25 Steel
400 lb.
(6 cu.ft.)
1SteelBest for Tall
Giantex 2 Tire WheelbarrowGiantex 2 TireGiantex330 lb.
(6 cu.ft.)
2Poly TrayBest for
Residential Use
Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home WheelbarrowBest Choice Products
Dual Wheel
Home Wheelbarrow
Best Choice
330 lb.
(5 cu.ft.)
2PolyurethaneBest Maneuverability

What is the best wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrow dimensions. When buying, consider wheelbarrow height and handles length. If the wheelbarrow operator is of average size, then any type of product will be ok. If an operator is tall, a low wheelbarrow or short handles will be a problem. There will be a need to stoop and adapt to keep the load safe and not to upturn it.

Front wheel protection. Another important feature is the special front wheel protection. Most of the damage occurs by load dumping. Thus, front wheel or wheels must be secured by a special sturdy frame.

Which are important features to fit your needs best?

A Tub (A Tray)

Wheelbarrow shape is important. The regular shape of a tub significantly reduces the muscle load during the work. A good shape is a seamless trapezoid, a flat square-form bottom and a beveled front side. This design is convenient, easy to load large and bulky materials. It also allows little overload. A flat bottom is convenient for hauling the loads with regular geometric shape (bricks, blocks of concrete, etc.).

The front side has a sloping shape. This contributes to the correct weight distribution: 20% to 30% on the operator’s hands, the rest – on the wheels.

Curved (seamed) edges of the tub provide protection from injuries during the process and the sturdiness of the construction.

The tub should not be too wide. It must suit the doorways and gates you have.

The easy way of the wheelbarrow dumping is tilting the construction forward so that the load would leak out or fall out itself by gravity force. It is important that the tub has a special angle and height of the front side. If a cart has a bad balance, load weight distribution will fall on the wheel. This is incorrect. After tipping a wheelbarrow, it may rest as it is without additional support. It allows storing a wheelbarrow without taking much space. When dumping, it is better to tilt a cart in the inversion direction, which will relieve unnecessary stress on the muscles.

A Frame

To provide easy dumping, the tub should be fixed on the metal frame. This feature prevents the possibility of tipping with a large tilt.

A wheelbarrow for construction works must be heavy-duty, sturdy, have a rigid structure, and there should be no gaps. It is checked simply by putting the mechanism on its side and pressing it down with force. The frame should not be very sagging.

Manufacturers of high-quality wheelbarrows make this element of construction without joints and of a solid pipe. Then the tub will not crash unexpectedly. However, bent-welded frames are allowed for light garden devices. If the frame is bended improperly, the operator will have to push the wheelbarrow by shoulder and arm muscles. It will make the work harder. The wheels quantity and  tub quality will not matter. The bed should be rounded with a frame to create support from all sides. Sometimes a tub is being fastened under the seamed edges by all perimeter. This heavy-duty feature may be envisaged in some models wheelbarrows for construction works.

There are also rear stops (one or two). They help to rest a wheelbarrow so that the tub would lay horizontally on the frame.

Handlebar Grips

Wheelbarrow handles should be long and set wide, so that operator’s body is able to fit between them easily. This eliminates the load on the backbone and ensures product maneuverability.

The best and easiest way of pushing the device, is maintaining a natural position of the body with straight arms. Do not rotate the wrist when gripping the handles. The construction of frame must have a specific deflection.

In case of two handles, two palms are put in parallel by the capture and tub emptying. It is better if the handles are equipped with plastic non-slip grips or nozzles with pins.


The load weight influences wheels greatly. Besides, different surfaces and terrains should not be obstacles for any type of tires. The wheels must be sturdy and provide smooth movement. Depending on necessary load weight and the aim of utilization, the right choice may be done.

Flat free wheels made of cast rubber are more suitable for contractors’ wheelbarrows, pneumatics – for garden utilization. Cast rubber tires are also better to use at the sites with broken glass, brick, and fragments of hardened plaster. Pneumatics or air-filled tires easily break in such conditions.

It is worth knowing that air-filled inflatable tires are preferable with wheelbarrows for light garden works. Softness improves depreciation, and low weight improves handling.

There is a third option – solid wheels made of nylon, metal or polypropylene. They are extremely durable and weather-resistant. Moreover, they are effective enough on smooth surfaces, for example, on asphalt or concrete sites. Mostly polyamide wheels are used for warehouse equipment, and less common for garden or outdoor wheelbarrows.

Main characteristics of wheelbarrows

Load capacity

Load capacity is the main criterion. Manufacturers denote the load capacity in pounds. Usually, this indicator is equal to 132 – 330 lb. for garden wheelbarrows and higher for heavy-duty construction work products. The higher the load capacity indicator is, the less maneuverable and easy a wheelbarrow is. On the contrary, the smaller this indicator, the less profitable the purchase is.    


This indicator is denoted in cubic feet. As a rule, a capacity of 2 – 6 cu.ft. is envisaged for garden wheelbarrows. This is quite enough to achieve the necessary goals. The models for construction works have larger capacity, 4 – 7 cu. ft.

One-wheel garden wheelbarrows

The main advantages of one-wheel models are speed and maneuverability. They can easily turn around even in cramped conditions, for example, on a narrow path. Dumping of one-wheel garden wheelbarrows demands less efforts – just lift it by handles and tilt it.

The main disadvantage is instability. It is hard enough to push a loaded one-wheel cart and maintain balance. Moreover, a single wheel is more stuck in the ground. The tub may twist and the wheelbarrow may roll over on its side.

Best two wheel wheelbarrow

Two-wheel wheelbarrows are more stable. The tub can be filled to the top, without fear that the cart will turn over and rolled freely. However, it is difficult to maneuver in the site with it. Two-wheeled designated products are more versatile, and one-wheeled ones utilization is restricted to specialized “jewelry” works.

Who makes the best wheelbarrow?

We revised various cart products and admitted the following producers, Marathon Industries, Positec/Worx, Ames True Temper, Jensen Distr., Custom Quest Inc., Clam Corporation, Giantex, Best Choice Products.

10 Best Wheelbarrow. Review

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow
Value for Money, Best Basic Design

Marathon Residential Yard Rover is intended for yard and patio lawn and garden works. It may carry soil, mulch, gravel etc. This is a basic design product, good value for money and easy in use. It is sturdy but extremely light in weight (29 lb), and can haul up to 300 lb. load. Assembling is easy.

Two 13’’ wheels are equipped with air-filled tires. This makes the wheelbarrow extremely light, maneuverable, easy to balance and control. Additionally the flat free tires may be ordered for the works on all terrains.

The tray is of reliable plastic, is 5 cu ft. and comes in several colors.

The handle is coated with rubberized material and is very convenient to grip.

The unit is rust resistant. This feature is good for outdoor utilization. The rain will not be an obstacle for garden works.


  • Light weighted
  • Good maneuverability
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy dumping


  • Fragile
  • Hard and sharp loads should be hauled with cautiousness

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow

WORX WG050 Aerocart
WORX WG050 – Best Compatibility and Function

This wheelbarrow from Positec/Worx is the best 8-in-1 device. It has a perfect design and unique utility. It may come in three different colors. The wheelbarrow is extremely reliable. The item may be used for load hauling, pot moving, and as a lever for lifting, a dolly, etc. The weight of WORX WG050 Aerocart is 48 lb., its capacity is 300 lb. load, and the volume of its tray is 3 cu ft. Additionally, versatile accessories may be ordered, such as a strap for flower pots, holders for cylinders, a bag. The cart is equipped with extension arms (to carry up to 80 lbs. load).

2 wheels are sturdy flat free. No additional maintenance required. They may be used almost on all terrain. The construction is all steel and is very reliable. This provides a wheelbarrow reliability, easy wheel roll and maneuverability. Its patented design also provides adjustable center of gravity, which makes excellent control of the device, load manage and less efforts for load hauling.    


  • Versatile use and wide range of accessories
  • Reliability and sturdiness due to all-steel construction
  • Patented design for less efforts


  • On the expensive side
  • Not easy use for tall operators

The Ames Companies, Inc M6T22 Jackson Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow

Inc M6T22 Jackson Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow
Best Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

M6T22 is a basic device on one hand, but has perfect consumer characteristics on the other hand. This wheelbarrow is intended for contactor works, comes in one attractive color and boasts extraordinary sturdiness.

Its tray is seamless and big (6 cu ft). Its heavy-duty material is steel. It will keep its shape after various loads hauling. The handlebar grips and handles are wooden and comfortable enough for tall operator (60’’ length).

A single 16’’ wheel is air-filled; special front braces protect the tire. This design also helps by heavy loads dumping.

The cart is maneuverable due to patented design. A special leg is made of robust steel for easy operation and good balance.


  • One of the sturdiest and most durable products
  • May be used for contractors works
  • Good balance and control
  • Its tray is one of the biggest for the reviewed products


  • Tire puncture may occur
  • The price is high

“Ames” CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow – Best Pouring Design

Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow
Best Pouring Design

CP6PS Poly is one more big capacity item. This cart is good for hauling low viscosity materials and pouring. It is also light in weight and rust-resistant. You may cope with more garden works for a definite period.

Tub boasts with 6 cu ft. dimensions; its poly material is rust resistant. The cart is not afraid of the liquids or rains. The tray has a special design of the spout. It is protruded which makes dumping of the loads easier.

The handles are woolen and comfortable to touch and operate.

A single wheel has pneumatic aired tires. It provides smooth roll and good maneuverability.


  • A protrude spout makes pouring or dumping loose materials easy
  • Rust resistant
  • Big capacity
  • Good price
  • Excellent maneuverability


  • Non-regular tub shape
  • The tire may be punctured

Big 4 Wheeler Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Best Surface-Friendly Hauling
Best Surface-Friendly Hauling

This is a 4-wheeler wheelbarrow with a reliable extremely stable design. It is aimed at various home and industrial works. The cart comes in several colors.

The unit capacity is 6 cu.ft. or 300 lb. There are modification with 8 cu.ft. (400 lb.) and 10 cu.ft. (500 lb.). The wheelbarrow tub is quite wide and spacious so that bulky items may be transported as well as liquids.

The wheelbarrow is equipped with 4 comfortable to control pneumatic tires. The suspension is heavy-duty and accommodates weight. If the surfaces have not to be punctured (eg. the sites with planted flowers or grass) this Big 4 Wheeler will be the best choice. Load weight is distributed more evenly over the tub, which makes lower PSI on each wheel.

Wooden handles are quite comfortable during operatation.


  • Surface friendly
  • Sturdy
  • Various performance modifications and big capacity as for the basic one  
  • Easy to operate with less efforts


  • Expensive

True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow with Steel Handles

True Temper 6
Best Durable Wheelbarrow

This True Temper cart is for garden, construction and industrial use. Unlike plastic units, this one is extremely durable due to heavy-duty steel it is made of.

The tub capacity is 6 cu.ft. It has a comfortable and regular design for smooth transportation of bulky items.

The unit has one 15’’ flat-free tire. It is not afraid of punctures, intended for all surfaces.  

Material of the handles is steel. Their comfortable grip will help to perform the job with fewer efforts.


  • May be used on all terrains
  • High maneuverability
  • Extremely durable


  • Liquids hauling is not easy

Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart

Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart
Best Capacity Wheelbarrow

Polar Trailer Cub Cart is really a heavy-duty product. Any bulky and heavy cargo may be transported. It performs all kinds of pulling, pushing, tilting etc. in all terrains. The wheelbarrow  components fit each other perfectly, which provides extraordinary sturdiness.

The tub is spacious. Its polyethylene material is rust-resistant. It is 7 cu.ft, which is bigger than average in the market.

Two wheels tires are 16’’ size and made of rubber. They are rugged and have shielded ball bearing for all terrain operation.

The load is distributed evenly and the hauling is easy. Dumping makes also no problem due to special construction of the tub and additional stand foot. Cart high-quality steel components make it extremely robust.


  • Rugged and durable
  • High quality components
  • Extraordinary capacity


  • Maneuverability may be difficult

True Temper R6STSP25 Steel Wheelbarrow

True Temper R6STSP25
Best for Tall Operator

The True Temper R6STSP25 is good for contractor’s works as different height operators may use it. It is extremely sturdy and is intended for heavy-duty works. However, as for the price, it is expensive.

Seamless steel is used for the tray. A and due to this, the product is robust. Its capacity is 6 cu. ft. (400 lb.). It comes in two colors. The wheelbarrow boasts with the 27’’ height which is comfortable tall worker.

The unit is supplied with one wheel. It does not require air inflation, is 15’’ size and is made of ribbed rubber. A cart may be used in all terrain.

Comfortable for grip steel handles make hard job easier.


  • Excellent durability
  • Good for contactors’ works
  • Various terrain


  • Expensive

Giantex 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

Giantex 2 Tire Wheelbarrow
Best for Residential Use

Giantex Garden Cart combines simple design and perfect durability. It is strongly recommended for residential use and garden enthusiasts. The wheelbarrow may haul all kinds of loose and liquid materials like mulch, gravel, soil etc.

Sturdy poly material of the tub makes it rugged and may contain up to 6 cu.ft. (or 330 lb.) load. Heavy-duty steel frame is coated with rust-resistant material. Therefore, the wheelbarrow does not fear wet weather conditions or wet loads. Assembling of this device after the purchase takes few minutes to screw 6 bolts.

The unit is equipped with 14’’ 2 air-filled tires, which provide smooth roll and good maneuverability. The handle is coated with soft material and is made in loop shape, which provides fewer efforts in hauling and dumping the wheelbarrow.    


  • Rust resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Maneuverable


  • Small
  • Is not intended for too heavy and rough materials

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow

Best Maneuverability
Best Maneuverability

Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow will perfectly cope with hauling of soft, heavy or hard loads like bricks, rocks, soil etc. It may be utilized in any weather due to rust-resistant quality. It is compact and will not take much space while storing. However, it has good capacity.

The material of the tub is high quality polyurethane; the capacity is 5 cu.ft (or 330 lb.). It comes in green color. A sturdy powder-coated steel frame rounds it. The handle is thick and is finished by soft-touch material.

The wheels equipped with 13’’ pneumatic tires. Due to this perfect control and easy maneuvering on every terrain is provided.


  • Perfect maneuverability
  • Good control and stability
  • Light weight


  • Small size

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