best rear tine tillers

Best Rear Tine Tiller

When you wanted to dig a deep hole, you need something that has a lot of power. To do this sort of digging, you want a rear tine tiller. This tiller is a little bit more expensive when compared to a front line tiller. This is because it has additional features. You need to understand what you want to buy before you make your final purchase. Here is what you need to know.
You have to look at the various factors before you make your purchase. You can end up spending a lot of money, so you want to make the right choice. You have to understand how well the tiller will maneuver as well as the size of it. You also want to be comfortable when you’re using it. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider.

Style of Rotation

There are three main types of rotation times these include forward rotation tines, counter-rotation tines, and dual rotation times

CRT Counter-Rotating Tines

A counter-rotation tine tiller has times that will rotate counter-clockwise. The forward wheel pull on this device combined with the counter-rotation, will enable you to till your soil quite easily. If you want to loosen hard soils or clay, then you want a counter-rotating tine tiller

FRT Forward Rotating Tines

FRTs are also called regular rotating tine tillers. These tillers will have tines that are rotating in the same direction as the machine’s wheels. If you want to till with ground that has 5 inches in-depth or less, than this is the type of tiller you want to use.

DRT Dual Rotating Tines

DRT tillers can work as a counter-rotating tine tiller or a standard rotating tine tiller. These give you excellent performance as well as versatility


A rear tine tiller will have heavy-duty and large tires. They have a large tread, so you’ll get a great attraction in cultivated soil or soil that is muddy. You can transfer power from the tiller engine to the wheels, and this will enable this type of tiller to take on a large job such as construction, gardening, and Landscaping. 


There are usually two types of engines for a rear tine tiller. This is either a four-stroke or a 2-stroke engine. You need a powerful Engine with this type of device, so you get high-quality results.


Rear tine tillers usually have a transmission that has both reverse and forward speeds. This allows you to operate the device safely. Some rear tine tillers will have multiple speed settings to make tilling easier for you.

Drag Bar

You may want to look for a tiller that has an adjustable drag bar. This will run behind your tiller, and it gives you the option to work at a consistent depth. You can set this bar for the dip that you want, depending upon the job that you’re doing.


You want to have a counterweight as a safety measure. This keeps the tiller balanced while you were telling. When you have a counterweight, your tine tiller is not going to jerk around when you’re using it.


You want to have a handlebar on your rear tine tiller that is adjustable or fixed. With an adjustable handlebar you can customize this to your height. This me at a little bit more price on to your tine tiller. If money is a factor, you might want to go with a fixed handlebar instead.


This is what you need to know about a rear tine tiller. The more you understand about this product, the easier it’s going to be to find one to meet your individual needs.

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