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Fly Swatters: Buyers Guide

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Quick Picks: Best Fly Swatters

How to Choose the Best Fly Swatter

We have collected the best fly swatters in this overview, which will help get rid of flies, mosquitoes and other insects, so it won’t bother you again.

Best Fly Swatter - How to choose

We have collected the best fly swatters in this overview, which will help get rid of flies, mosquitoes and other insects, so you don’t have to listen to annoing sounds again.

Comparison of the Best Fly Swatters

PAL&SAM Fly Swatter (pink)PAL&SAM Fly Swatter Lightweight and flexible
• Made of non-toxic material
• Flexible
• Lightweight
• Effective due to optimal length (17.5")
• Low cost
Smart Swatter ORIGINAL Fly Swatter (green)Smart Swatter Fly SwatterEasy to use designed
• Assorted colors pack
• Safe for kids and pets
• Convenient flat design
Fly Swatter Manual Swat Pest ControlFly Swatter Manual Swat Pest ControlNon-toxic and Odorless Plastic made
• Flexible durable plastic
• Long handle
• Low cost
Jiemei Fly Swatter (purpure)
Jiemei Fly Swatter
Colorful, easy to find
• Non-toxic and Odorless Plastic made
• Lightweight and easy to use
• 1-year warranty and life-time friendly customer service

Dirza F-l-y Swatt (yellow)Dirza Fly SwatterFlexible durable plastic
• Heavy duty: (18")
• Thick handle
• Hanging hook design to saving space

How to Get Rid of Flies Efficiently

Why do fly swatters work well

Fly swatter is one of the most important and useful tools at home. Its a tool for dispersing and destroying annoying insects that prevent you from relaxing in nature or at home. Also, this tool can be used in the hot season as a fan.

Fly swatter tool has progressed significantly since its presentation in 1906. The very first sample of fly swatter was simply left-over bits of window screen work that were appended to a measuring stick. Fly swatters may at present utilize a similar plan that old companies previously concocted, however, makers may acquaint a few varieties with the first structure or even change the general look and settle on an all the more cutting edge streamlined plan. The most widely recognized type of fly swatter is the manual one. It’s usually made out of plastic or graphite.


Small Fly Swatter

A fly swatter is a simple but extremely effective device applied in the struggle with annoying insects. On a hot summer day flies, ants, mosquitos and hundreds of other different insects try to avoid your relaxing and enjoying the nature. Pests cause big inconvenience when a sweet treat is cooked or juicy summer fruits are served. Wasps, mosquitoes and other flying creatures may interrupt your daily garden duty. All these activities are outdoors. But your indoor pastime may be spoiled and made big nuisance by the insects as well. It is rather dangerous letting these little creatures in. Beside their relatively harmless buzz, these guys may carry different diseases. Even if a bug seems poisonless, its bite may lead to edema, sickness or other reaction up to lethal outcome.

Why fly swatter guns are a good decision for molestful bugs elimination?

Fly Swatter Guns

There are many insecticides, poisonous sprays, etc. with durable activity and well-tried effect. However, their usage is restricted. Insect sprays are not allowed with small kids and toddlers. Synthetic substances and chemicals may be poisonous and thus dangerous for pets and plants. You cannot use toxic sprays in the kitchen, close to the storage of meals. They are not effective out-of-doors.

A nice sturdy fly swatter will be a rescue in all these above-mentioned cases. Its variety is huge. This device looks like a long handle, a place for a grab in one end and a paddle in the other end. Its aim is swatting a bug to some flat surface, squashing and killing a pest. The device is small, light-weighted and may be easily taken along. No mosquito or a fly will bother you either on a hike or at home.

Large Fly Swatter

Fly swatters may differ in their size, materials and principles of activity (manual or electric). There are units with a handle which may reach 18.5 inches in length. Therefore, no tiny creature will escape of the modernized device even in far corners of your logging. The paddles for manual fly swatters may be produced of different flexible materials like EVA rubber or leather. This part of a swatter usually looks like a mesh with small holes. This also increases air inflation and makes more precise and quicker hit. Such reliable materials as metal, EVA rubber, graphite, etc. are used for a shaft.

Which Fly Swatters are the Best

A boy with fly swatter


Rubber Fly Swatter

Fly swatters origin reaches ancient times. The first paddle-shaped devices contained the mesh remnants of the window screen and a yardstick, which could not be used in a better way. Today’s design came later. It is connected with the names of Rose and Crumbine, who introduced modern fly swatters aiming at public health protection.

As of now, fly swatters operated manually the most widely spread. They may be plastic, metal, graphite, leather or rubber. However, versatile devices are used as of now, including high-tech ones and electronic fly swatters which catch and zap flies. Each type has its distinctive features.

Manual Units

Fly Swatters Made of Plastic

Best Small Fly Swatters - Top Gardening Tools

Fly swatters produced of EVA are widely spread. Its construction is simple, well tried and effective for bugs eliminating. It has a relatively long shaft made of a sturdy plastic with a PVC mesh on the end for air intake. The unit produces quick hit and catches a pest thanks to its flexibility and a lightweight. Paddle material is washable. The surfaces it is used on remain undamaged. The device is produced it sets of various colors which is interesting for kids. You may engage them in the process. The storage and transportation of the plastic fly swatter is rather compact and convenient due to its size and design.


  • Compact size for taking along and storage
  • Sturdy material
  • Quick and accurate action
  • Various color range
  • Washable
  • Does not spoil surfaces


  • May leave dirt
  • Plastic material may snap
  • A flat surface should be provided to stop a pest

Fly Swatters Made of Metal

Metal Fly Swatter

Metal construction means reliability and sturdiness. These features are good characteristics of metal fly swatters. Actually, the shaft is the only wire part, which is essential for it. A paddle should be flexible, so its material remains either meshed leather or rubber. Total weight is not increased (Enoz Sergeant Swat Fly Swatter), the device is effective and your strike will be precise.


  • Compact and light weighted
  • Heavy duty
  • Washable


  • Simple design and limited colors
  • May damage surfaces when used

Fly Swatters Made of Graphite

Graphite Fly Swatter

Graphite material is excellent opportunity to obtain reliable, light weighted, effective bug swatter. The design remains unchanged: a flexible paddle and a shaft made of graphite. It is very convenient to take and grab the device. One may reach the pest with one precise strike. Do not worry about the efforts applied. Your graphite fly swatter will stand the strains.


  • Fewer efforts are demanded
  • Compact and light weighted
  • Long lasting material
  • Washable


  • Simple design and limited colors

Fly Swatters Made of Leather

Leather Fly Swatter

The paddle material is a distinctive feature of this device. A genuine cow leather is usually applied to this kind of fly swatters. It is of a good quality, hand-sewn, thick tanned with the tiny holes in the mesh. This part is attached to a heavy duty shaft of metal or plastic material. Overall impression if this combination is high rate quality and reliability, which it really is. Its attractive design does not change even after being washed with the soap.


  • Natural material of the paddle
  • Light weighted
  • Long lasting
  • Attractive design


  • Limited color range

Electric Units

Electronic Fly Swatters

Electronic Fly Swatters

Electronics came to our lives with not only TV, smartphones and electric passenger cars. Our everyday activity may be modernized and improved by an electronic fly swatter. It has many advantages comparing to manual ones.
Fly zapper-swatters resemble a tennis rocked by their appearance. Electrical grid makes the essence of this device. It is installed in the relatively bigger mesh paddle. The unit is activated by pushing the button on the item. The power is obtained from the batteries.
Electric insect swatters demand fewer efforts in comparison with manual ones. Please make a wave movement with the unit, make sure that an electronic fly swatter reaches a bug and an insect will be stunned by high-voltage electricity. At the same time, this fly eliminating device will produce minor noise or sparks.

electric flyswatter tool

Good news are also in cleanness of the process. There are no marks of dirt, and a unit stays clean itself. You should cautiously use an electric bug zapper-swatter. Keep it away from kids; avoid any open part contact for your safety. However, the device provides obligatory double or triple electrical isolation layer.
LED light is a useful feature of the electronic unit. It benefits not only for its design, it also attracts flies and mosquitos in the dusk or darkness. Electric zapper swatter may be used without any surface for catching and swatting insects. It makes this modification very handy when going out in a picturesque place.


  • Easy usage. Operation of the device demands fewer efforts
  • Can operate in darkness with the help of LED light
  • It does not demand any surfaces for operation thus is good for taking along on hiking
  • Cleaner operation, does not demand washing after usage


  • Should be cautiously operated, avoiding injuries of the open parts of skin
  • While contacting a bug, produces some noise or sparks
  • Should be kept away from kids
  • Expensive
  • Charged batteries for operation should be ensured

Guide to Choose Swatter

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