best gas cultivator

Best gas powered cultivator

In this article we discuss the gas cultivator as a separate type – less powerful lightweight gas-powered tillers.

The weight of lightweight gas-powered cultivators (small gas cultivator) does not exceed 85 pounds (40 kg). The device is equipped with an engine with a capacity of up to 4.5 horsepowers (3.3 kw). Cutters width is up to 20
inches (50 cm), as well as loosening depth is up to 7 inches (18 cm).

The cultivators are not designed for deep digging or loosening of hard soil. Instead, they are perfect for everyday tasks to look after your garden throughout the growing season:

  • Mixing and aerating of soil before planting
  • Stirring compost and fertilizers
  • Control of weed growth

The tillers mix the soil into a thinner mixture than the cultivators, this makes them a great tool for finalizing your plot before you sow the seeds. The lightweight tiller is also able to cut grooves for planting vegetables so usually the manufacturer completes it with a dip.


There are 2 types of cultivators:

  • Front-tine;
  • Rear-tine;

The front-tine tillers have teeth on the front part and are a lighter version of the ones presented. They are perfect for small gardens.

It may be more difficult to work with the machinery where the cutting elements are located at the rear. These units are heavier so they require more power from the operator. The manufacturer can design an electric starter and 4-stroke engine. Tines can be switched over to work in the forward and backward direction.

All models can be divided by engine type into two large groups:

  • four-stroke;
  • two-stroke.

The difference between these engines is that there is no valve system in the 2-stroke engine and the combustible mixture is fed through the throttle window. This system has its disadvantages: it is both gluttony, inefficiency of the engine and the need to mix gas with oil.

4-stroke engines have a valve system for fuel and exhaust gas. Due to this, they differ favorably from the 2-stroke ones:

  • have a lower level of vibration;
  • lower fuel consumption;
  • noise during operation is much lower.

Ultralight devices are dismountable, so they can be transported even in a car boot.

What factors should be taken into account when selecting

To choose the best option, when buying, it is necessary to consider:

  • Type of soil of your plot, relief peularities;
  • The area to be plown;
  • Capacity and performance of the equipment;
  • Rind of work you need to perform;
  • Physical abilities of the user.

How to choose a gas-powered cultivator

Each gardener chooses the equipment according to his/her taste and opportunities. When choosing a complex equipment  you should pay special attention to the following:

  • reliability — it will be difficult to find a master to repair it in the countryside;
  • quality of steel cutters, plows, raising agents — is important for any agricultural machinery;
  • presence of rear speed — it is very important for inexperienced users, as it facilitates pulling the cultivator from the pits;
  • compatibility with equipment if necessary — it is important to have sockets and mechanisms for mounting and mounting of additional devices;
  • the presence of wheels and the possibility to change them.

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