best gas cultivator

Best Gas Powered Cultivator

In this article we discuss the gas cultivator as a separate type – less powerful lightweight gas-powered cultivators and powerful rear tine garden tillers.

Quick Overview – 11 Best Gas Powered Cultivators

Comparison of the Best Gas Powered Cultivators and Tillers

PreviewProductTypeEngineTilling WifthPrice
Craftsman C210 gas powered cultivatorCraftsman C210Front-TineGas-powered
6-9 inches$$
Earthquake MC43  mini cultivatorEarthquake MC43Front-TineGas-powered
2 cycle
6-10 inches$$$
Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 7940Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 7940
Editor’s Choice
10 inches$$$$
Craftsman gas mini tillerCraftsman C405Front-TineGas-powered
6-12 inches$$$
YARDMAX tillerYARDMAX YT5328Front-TineGas-powered
11", 16" or 21"$$$
Champion front tine tillerChampion 22-InchFront-TineGas-powered
16-22 inches$$$$$
Husqvarna front tine tillerHusqvarna TF224Front-TineGas-powered
24 inches$$$$$$$$
Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine TillerChampion Dual Rotating Rear Tine TillerRear TineGas-powered
Husqvarna Outdoor Products TR317DEHusqvarna Outdoor Products TR317DERear TineGas-powered
Craftsman rear tine tiller CMXGVAM1144036Craftsman rear tine tiller CMXGVAM1144036Rear TineGas-powered
Troy-Bilt Pony ESTroy-Bilt Pony ESRear TineGas-powered

The weight of lightweight gas-powered cultivators (small gas cultivator) does not exceed 85 pounds (40 kg). The device is equipped with an engine with a capacity of up to 4.5 horsepowers (3.3 kw). Cutters width is up to 20
inches (50 cm), as well as loosening depth is up to 7 inches (18 cm).

The cultivators are not designed for deep digging or loosening of hard soil. Instead, they are perfect for everyday tasks to look after your garden throughout the growing season:

  • Mixing and aerating of soil before planting
  • Stirring compost and fertilizers
  • Control of weed growth

The tillers mix the soil into a thinner mixture than the cultivators, this makes them a great tool for finalizing your plot before you sow the seeds. The lightweight tiller is also able to cut grooves for planting vegetables so usually the manufacturer completes it with a dip.

Best Gas Powered Cultivator Reviews

Craftsman C210 Review

Craftsman C210 gas powered cultivator

To keep your garden neat, it will need a lot of various operations. It needs some fine cultivating. You’ll have to frequently weed and till your flower beds. Very often it goes about tilling your favorite vegetable gardens, aerating and fertilizing, etc. When it comes to all these, this ideal gas-powered mini cultivator will be your perfect assistant in all that. It is fully-equipped and utilizes its unique patented & simple beginner-friendly easier-start technology for your comfort and safety. Featured here, are the unique high-grade steel tines, they principally operate as units that rotate three-way forwardly and can be easily adjusted, when necessary, to your desired cultivation width. The model performs just greatly with its powerful two-cycle engine, and it features perfect integrated options to adjust both the tilling depth and width to suit best the variety of your might-be tasks. It is a lightweight model, a manifestation of an easy-to-operate cultivator. To tell you more, it goes with the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.


  • Easy-to-operate and easy-to-adjust model
  • Lightweight & gas-operated
  • Featuring a variable speed option
  • Featuring an ultimately comfortable handle for your firm grip and best comfort
  • Obtain even greater control with transport wheels (removable)
  • Ultimately maneuvering
  • No backache due to construction and functionality
  • Patented tines from high-grade steel go as cutting-edge cutting/mixing/digging/prepping
  • assistants
  • Featuring a unique patented simple start option for easier, faster and smarter solution
  • Operates with a compact gas-operated engine for gardening/flowering/tilling around
  • Easily adjustable width & depth

Earthquake Review

Earthquake MC43 mini cultivator

Feel fine and perform greatly like a pro with this two-cycle class versatile gas-operated mini cultivator to do all the job. You’ll find it handy in mixing your fertilizer in, weeding or aerating the soil. This model comes as a lightweight option, being ultimately compact it performs greatly and with no harm to your plants while easily moving around the yard, maneuvering fast and smart around! Make use of this perfect model and treat your plants without any fatigue, operate with your ultimate control and comfort, make your grass grow healthy using the included attachment kit with a specially designed dethatcher for better grass cutting and nutrients/water placement compatible with all the models within the series.


  • Mini gas model to perform at maximum
  • Featuring a two-cycle option for perfect performance
  • Featuring the largest two-cycle engine for powerful operation
  • Maximal efficiency & versatility for your premium garden
  • Easy-to-adjust and easy-to-move while operating
  • Wheels from rubber for better maneuverability
  • Maximal multipurpose control and application
  • Featuring a unique control for throttle action to remove weeds instead of plants!

Schiller Grounds Care Mantis Review

Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 7940

Our Editor’s choice tiller will grant you the fun side of gardening. Meet a smarter, faster, and easier lightweight champ to start with! This one is a four-cycle best performer capable of tilling through toughest grounds and easy-to-start work saver you’ve ever dreamt of. What is totally different from its old-time rivals, the model like this will give you a perfect opportunity to control its functions by ergonomically crafted fatigue-free handles for your sure grip. Use the infinite speed option to just power your new tiller enough when you need to speed it up or get down to more gentle operation, depending on the situation. Select between the tines to suit your gardening needs and depending on a season, enjoy its life-time guarantee against breakage, go use your efficient, convenient, versatile and highly durable tiller ever!


  • Lightweight, compact & powerful
  • Faster and powerful 4-cycle gas-only engine
  • Featured tine speed is up to 240 RPM
  • Featuring a unique infinite-speed finger-controlled throttle
  • Goes where you go option to get inside the tightest locations in your yard
  • Featuring a unique patented curvy tines to till deeper or tine around the surface
  • Featuring a handy stand for steady storage & placement/fueling
  • Easy-to-fold down function for transport & storage

YARDMAX YT5328 Review

YARDMAX tiller

Introducing a front-tine compact yet powerful option. This one is a tiller to cultivate even the toughest soil as a self-propelled rotation model. Featured here is a unique option to execute even a tight turn ever possible happen nearly on a dime. Such a feature makes this model a perfect assistant while moving between the rows. It also features a rust-free shield to protect the tine. The machine has a user-friendly control block to be easily learned and operated, as well as easily adjusted to a variety of speed, depth, and width. This one is an ideal day-saver for homeowners and residential gardens.


  • Ultimately controlled and maneuverable
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Frontal tine option with rust-free shield for better performance and protection
  • Performing smoother and easier to turn around
  • Exclusively powerful with its 180 RPM engine
  • Easily adjustable to a variety of depths for smooth tilling & immense cultivation
  • Easy-to-use operation via three-position controls handlebar

Champion 22-Inch Review


This Champion is a real hit. To till the hard soil is his major, and he works just fine! Both state-of-the-art technologies and power have been blended in here to give you the maximum of its performance for a great garden. Never stop on your way while getting to the garden and going back home – this tiller travels on its storable transport wheels back and forward. And to make it even a greater performer, the manufacturer made it dual-direction tilling capable. Once you got it, no other one will ever do while prepping your soil. Note, it utilizes the set of factory-tested heavy-duty tines made from hardened steel for extended use and efficiency. Adjust to your variably of width and depth while tilling just in no time, never feel like run out of fuel with its low-oil immediate shut-down option, and get a perfect certified and all the official requirements-compliant compact front tine ultra-maneuverable match for your gardening & planting ambitions backed by life-time expert technical support and two-year warranty from manufacturers.


  • Get a champ with this Champion!
  • Storable transport wheels for fast 7 easy transportation
  • Efficient & Powerful
  • Cutting-edge technologies plus dual-direction tilling opportunities
  • Variable tilling width 7 depth parameters adjustable
  • Ideal for tilling/cultivating large flower beds and vegetable gardens
  • Featuring heavy-duty versatile tines from hardened high-grade steel for durability and extensive use
  • Operates even on hard/tough soil to make it a perfect garden with ease
  • Including limited warranty & lifetime tech support for free

Husqvarna TF224 Review


The one we are reviewing here rocks on the rocks: this tiller goes fine even where all the rest fail, tough soil with lots of rocks will never stop it. To be frank, it’s not only the weight and size of this lightweight and portable one which matters. Sure, its weight and size make it a compact and easy-to-use, as well as easy-to-transport-, maneuver-, store- and easy-to-handle option. But it is the power and efficiency that makes this model a great choice for a homeowner or a gardener willing to start their initial cultivation/improvement of the location. Make use of the top-rated brand reliable engine from Husqvarna to do all the hard jobs over there.


  • Powerful engine from notorious brand
  • Ultimately lightweight & compact
  • Sure-grip handles for easy handling and control
  • Featuring the engine with its easy start-up function
  • Featuring classic front tines for variable depth tilling
  • LC (liquid combustion) technology applied here

Champion 19-Inch Review

Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Another winner from the series – a rear-tine machine to break through toughest grounds with no issue. Featured here is a unique transmission type engine that is powerful enough to give you one of the best choices. A model to be heavily used goes as embodied in a case and complete with tines that rotate in counter direction. The machine transports on self-propelled original tires for perfect agricultural performance when weeding or breaking new ground. The machine features a set of user-friendly controls on a handle panel 
for your better operation and ultimate versatility.
A gardener seriously thinking of a perfect ground should consider this high-performing machine for some lifelong usage and reliability.


  • A powerful & efficient rear-tine option
  • Ultimately versatile tiller
  • Featuring a switching (forward/reverse) quick option
  • Maximum flexibility and greater performance
  • Versatility and heavy-duty durability
  • Featured here is an iron casted case
  • Transmission of gear-driven principle for better control
  • Featuring self-propelled tough terrain agricultural tires
  • Operates even on toughest soil to make it a perfect garden with ease
  • Including limited two-year warranty & free lifetime tech support

Husqvarna TR317DE Review

Husqvarna Outdoor Products TR317DE

This one of the classic models to till your soil with a chain drive. As a matter of fact, this is the tiller to go behind your garden ambitions and to break the new ground with ease. Those who know the name of the manufacturer would never doubt a good buy from the top-rated brand. Unique, rear-tine machine which is powerful and potentially capable of cultivating, weeding or maneuver around your flower beds or plant rows. Perfect and efficient in each detail, this is the tiller to perform really cool and serve you for really long. Its multi-position till depth switcher enables your optimal control and efficiency in the garden, also easier adjustment of variable width has been made possible here. It’s lightweight and compact, although might be easily transported for storage or action on its agricultural wheels.


  • Compact, powerful & efficient
  • Handle-mounted tine with forward rotation
  • Extensive tilling depth provided by high-performance rear tines with dual rotation
  • Featuring a depth stake for seven depth positions adjustable
  • Featured here are agricultural tires
  • Massive fuel tank capacity
  • High maneuverability
  • Long-life use granted by sealed transmission option here
  • Best engineering solutions as for tires applied
  • Air filter to be replaced by request based on the limited 3-year warranty.

Craftsman Review

Craftsman rear tine tiller CMXGVAM1144036

A gardener or a residential homeowner would never start any soil prepping without an assistant – a reliable tiller to bring with for a day of breaking new ground or making the soil look nicer, for a weeding operation or filling in fertilizer, provide better watering of the plants, etc. This one is the best model for the cheap, yet a powerful and efficient day-saver. Here goes your perfect lawn maker, a large-size rear-tine for tilling larger areas, with a recoil start chain-driven engine, variable depth & width adjustment option, featuring a counter-rotating deep-digging tines feature, as well as protecting your safety both from weeds and tines with the special tine shield featured here. Again, this is the most popular simple-operation high-performance tiller with pneumatic tires for better maneuver at an affordable price currently available on the market!


  • Affordable price
  • Great potential
  • Warranted transmission
  • Pneumatic tires for easier transportation and operation on tough soil
  • Powerful engine/recoil start option
  • Rear-tine action
  • Larger tines for larger areas
  • Versatility and durability thanks to hardened high-grade steel tines
  • More output & deeper digging opportunities due to counter-rotating tines
  • Featured here is a tine shield for complex protection & safety.


  • 2-year limited warranty for the transmission

Troy-Bilt Pony ES Review

Troy-Bilt-Pony-ES tiller

To break a new garden needs a lot of effort indeed. Here we introduce the best-rated traditional forward-rotating tines with electric start tiller to help you with your soil preparation and stand by you over there for many working seasons. It performs right with its gas-powered engine and large size tilling tines being ultimately controlled, electrically-started, travelling on its industrially installed tires. This model also has a bumper unit from the factory for extra protection. What even better, it goes backed by a manufacturer’s two-year warranty. Yet this warranty is limited.


  • Featured is a top-rated brand engine
  • Soil prep of premium class in your garden is granted
  • Electrically started
  • Adjustable variety of depth/width parameters
  • Featuring a protective bumper and tires from the factory


  • Limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Larger tines providing only for larger areas cultivation, etc.
  • One speed forward only


There are 2 types of cultivators:

  • Front-tine;
  • Rear-tine;

The front-tine tillers have teeth on the front part and are a lighter version of the ones presented. They are perfect for small gardens.

It may be more difficult to work with the machinery where the cutting elements are located at the rear. These units are heavier so they require more power from the operator. The manufacturer can design an electric starter and 4-stroke engine. Tines can be switched over to work in the forward and backward direction.
All models can be divided by engine type into two large groups:

  • four-stroke;
  • two-stroke.

The difference between these engines is that there is no valve system in the 2-stroke engine and the combustible mixture is fed through the throttle window. This system has its disadvantages: it is both gluttony, inefficiency of the engine and the need to mix gas with oil.

4-stroke engines have a valve system for fuel and exhaust gas. Due to this, they differ favorably from the 2-stroke ones:

  • have a lower level of vibration;
  • lower fuel consumption;
  • noise during operation is much lower.

Ultralight devices are dismountable, so they can be transported even in a car boot.

What factors should be taken into account when selecting

To choose the best option, when buying, it is necessary to consider:

  • Type of soil of your plot, relief peularities;
  • The area to be plown;
  • Capacity and performance of the equipment;
  • Rind of work you need to perform;
  • Physical abilities of the user.

How to choose a gas-powered cultivator

Each gardener chooses the equipment according to his/her taste and opportunities. When choosing a complex equipment  you should pay special attention to the following:

  • reliability — it will be difficult to find a master to repair it in the countryside;
  • quality of steel cutters, plows, raising agents — is important for any agricultural machinery;
  • presence of rear speed — it is very important for inexperienced users, as it facilitates pulling the cultivator from the pits;
  • compatibility with equipment if necessary — it is important to have sockets and mechanisms for mounting and mounting of additional devices;
  • the presence of wheels and the possibility to change them.

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