best garden tiller for a woman

Best Tiller for a Woman

When it comes to garden tiller, there is no shortage of what is available on the market today to help us get our jobs done. It would be actually impossible to get certain plans completed with our human hands without the gardenning tools.

Land plowing and loosening around the summer cottage and in the garden is not easy, requiring time and great physical efforts. Quite often this work is carried out by elderly people and women so manufacturers specially created lightweight small-sized motor-cultivators.

TOP-5, Best Tiller for a Woman at a Glance

WeightTine Speed
Mantis Electric TillerMantis Electric
Front-tine Tiller

Editor's Choice
540 watt
9″10″21 lbsUp to
240 rpm
Earthwise TC70001 Electric Corded TillerEarthwise Electric
Corded Front-tine Tiller
2.5 Amp
11"8"23 lbs
Greenworks 10 Inch 40V Cordless CultivatorGreenworks
Cordless Front-tine
Cultivator [27062]
4.0AH Battery
10″5"38.9 lbs
Earthquake MC43 Cultivator with 43cc Viper EngineEarthquake MC43
Front-tine Cultivator
Gasoline/Oil Mix
10″8"33 lbs250 rpm
Troy Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4 Cycle CultivatorTroy Bilt TB146
Front-tine Cultivator
4-cycle engine
12"5"36.7 lbs

Features to Look for in a Best Tiller for a Woman


Mini motor-cultivator with a conductor should not be heavy otherwise its operating will cause even more tiredness than the use of manual tools.

Engine type

Among the compact cultivators there are models perfect for women, equipped both with electric and gasoline engines. Electrically driven devices are lighter and more environment friendly than those operated on motor fuel but they require power supply for their operation and the batteries should be periodically charged. Therefore, before you select an electric tiller it is necessary to determine whether it can be connected to the network on site .

Often the use of gasoline tiller by a woman cannot be without man’s assistance, who is servicing this equipment. Namely, refills gasoline, monitors the oil level in the engine and reducer, if necessary, changes the spark plugs and so on, everything you need for your gasoline cultivator. Perhaps, an electric one will course you less trouble and give you more independence! 🙂

Easy to assemble

It is desirable to maintain a lightweight cultivator with a minimum set of tools. After all, for sure, not every woman will desire to deal with screwdrivers and wrenches, insuring her “strongman” smooth operation while performing different functions.

Tiller construction

Working comfort  as well as the quality of processing will depend on ergonomic design and adaptability of the purchased unit.

Adequate needs assessment

Only properly selected tiller will be able to perform all the expected functions. It should have the capacity corresponding to the soil structure at the cultivated area. The denser and monolithic it is the more productive cultivator will be required but for light sandy and loamy soil super strong tiller is not required medium power equipment is quite suitable.

Mantis Electric Tiller Review

Mantis Electric Tiller 7250-00-03
Editors Choice: Mantis Electric Tiller/Cultivator [7250-00-03]

Mantis lightweight tiller – another bright representative of mini agricultural machinery which can be enjoyed by women. Its lightweight modifications with base conductor weigh only 9.5 kg.

A distinct feature of this motor-cultivator range is specially curved rotary cutters with a corrugated tooth pattern. Sharp and very small teeth, made of hard tool steel, easily immerse in the soil to the depth of 25 cm. And due to rapid rotational movements the cutter provides high-quality soil plowing. After the cutter impact it acquires  light and small lumpy structure, well saturated with oxygen and this positively affects the development of the plant root system.

Plowing with the use of Mantis female tiller is carried out by backward movement like shovel digging, while well dug ground is not trampled and this prevents the operator from additional manipulations, for example, harrowing.

Mantis tiller though belongs to the lightweight group, works quickly, powerfully and starts well. For gentle ladies such a small strongman is a real catch. Any woman with this “little miracle” will be able to process 2-4 acres easily and perfectly do without external male power.

If comply with the operation rules, a gasoline cultivator will last a sufficient number of years without overhaul, replacement of joints and parts.


  • Wonderful tool for a small garden
  • Good taller for hard ground


  • The most expensive

Earthwise Electric Corded Tiller TC70001 Review

Earthwise TC70001 Electric Corded Tille
Earthwise Electric Corded Tiller [TC70001]

This tiller suites perfectly to cultivate small gardens and flower beds as it can till about 8 inches deep of  relatively loose soil bot not hurd ground. You will not require gas for your TC70001 but a long extension cord is a must and tiller construction will prevent it from damaging when it is suddenly on your way. This tiller is really easy-to-assemble and its weight will not prevent you from cultivating small spaces. It is among the most affordable tillers as it costs only $100.


  • Good budget electric corded tiller
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not suitable for hard soil

Greenworks Cordless Cultivator Review

Greenworks 10-Inch 40V Cordless Cultivator
Greenworks Cordless Cultivator [10-Inch 40V]

This tiller is surprisingly powerful and is a real finding for women who are willing to avoid gasoline smell and tiredness after work even though it is quite expensive. Of course, it is not worth purchasing to cultivate both tiny flower beds from time to time or huge gardens within all the seasons as it is either over or underpowered for these works. But the average plot will be perfectly kept using it.

The main advantage of this equipment is operation both from electricity and powerful battery (about 40 minutes), so no more gas spillage from heavy tillers and all those tiring movements to start the machine. Instead you just press a button and move, forgetting about the dirt from gasoline and frequent maintenance. What is realy great is adjustable tines varying from 8.25 to 10 inches wide and up to 5 inches deep. So, the tiller  will also do for heavy soil as its power and durable gear drive transmission will be enough for these tasks.

To sum up, the quality of this tiller is rather good except for the foam padding on the handle.


  • Great small cordless cultivator with Battery
  • Powerful battery lasts a long time


  • Not rather as powerful as gas-powered tillers

Earthquake Cultivator with Viper Engine

Earthquake MC43 Cultivator with 43cc Viper Engine
Earthquake Cultivator with Viper Engine [MC43]

If you are willing to get rid of dependence from the cord length and battery durability then Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator is your choice to cultivate perfectly your garden 6 inches deep and 10 wide, having paid quite a reasonable price. This tiller will do for relatively small area but will definitely cope with aerating the soil or heavy work in work in fertilizer or compost. It’s a bit a problem to start this machine compared to pressing a button of the electric one, but you can definitely cope both with the assembling, starting and maintaining if follow the instructions in the manual.


  • Performs  plenty of garden-maintenance tasks
  • Strong engine
  • No need in extension cords


  • Assembling according to the manual
  • Starting after pulling a cord
  • Fuel should be prepared by mixing oil and gasoline

Troy-Bilt Cultivator Review

Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator with JumpStart
[TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle] Troy-Bilt Cultivator with JumpStart

If you are willing to obtain a powerful, reliable and variable machine tilling your plot in width from 6” to 12”and up to 5” deep switching the speed and changing the angle easily during the work this is definitely your choice to look after the garden.

The main advantage of the Troy-Bilt is that the start system can be replaced by the electric one if purchased additionally. Its design is rather ergonomic, everything is under a proper angle, the handles are covered with soft material and the wheels makes the operation rather easy even for tiny ladies, simplifying movement during cultivation and transportation to storage. Besides, there is no need to mix gas and oil to use a tiller.

The only problem is starting at 45° angle pulling the cord, but this disadvantage can be eliminated easily by buying the JumpStart™ engine starter at additional cost. And sometimes thin wheels can be a problem at bumpy areas.


  • Lightweight and powerful tiller with superior performance
  • Easy use, storage and transport
  • No need to pre-mix gas and oil


  • The wheels too thin


Best Tillers for a Woman
Best Tiller for a Woman

Every women need the best tiller/cultivator for the job in garden. Nowadays it is easy to buy a lightweight motor cultivator for women in order to facilitate their work on the garden plot or around the cottage.

Moreover, the range of suitable and affordable models is rather wide.

The main thing before you buy a female mini tiller  is correct assessment of the needs and correlation with technical parameters of a selected model.

2 thoughts on “Best Tiller for a Woman

  1. Recently acquired my new Tiller EarthquakeMC43 and started using that together with dethatcher attachment kit. Mixing and aerating proved to be more successful than weeding.

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